See How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer


All phones rely on batteries as their source of power when not connected to an external power source. Batteries contain direct current (D.C) unlike the electricity which we are supplied which is alternating current. In a country like ours where we are not constantly supplied with the electricity, phones tend to rely a lot on batteries for power.
We all just want to have enough battery charge to carry us through the day or until the next time we are supplied with electricity. If your phone has a large battery capacity like 4000mAh and above, you may be considered lucky because it takes a longer time for your battery to get drained compared to those whose battery capacity is lesser.
Unfortunately, as the battery gets older, the battery life gets weaker. This is a common phenomenon in life. The older it gets, the weaker it becomes. You might have seen the word “Li-ion” on a phone’s battery before. Li-ion stands for lithium ion which are contained inside of the battery and are responsible for storing energy.

This all happens through an electrolytic process which is beyond the scope of this article. Repetition in the process causes gradual degradation in these materials which in turn also leads to the reduction in the ability of the battery to store charges.
The way we treat our phone batteries right from the day of purchase determines how long they are going to last and how much we are going to enjoy them. We are going to briefly look at some healthy practices to inculcate so as to strengthen our batteries and increase their life span.

To increase a battery’s life span and make sure that the lithium ion does not decay fast, we must reduce the rate of charging and discharging. Yes, you heard me right. We must also avoid deep discharge. This means that a battery has completely been drained of all its stored energy. In other words, using your battery till it hits 0%. This is a very common thing to see but it is extremely dangerous to the battery life. Do not charge your phone too often. Rather wait till it is about 20% or lower before you charge it again.

Avoid fast charging if you can. Fast charging should only be used when you are in a hurry, otherwise, let the battery go through the charging process as it should. It is better to charge a battery for hours instead of minutes. Fast charge reduces battery capacity by at least 20%.
Activate your device’s power-saving mode. This is done by reducing screen brightness. This helps a great deal to conserve the battery and it does not drain quickly. Always try to use a low brightness level except if you are out in the sun and cannot see your device’s screen. You should also use Wi-Fi over cellular data where available. 4G cellular network consumes more data and should be turned off when not needed.
Airplane mode: this is another great way to save your battery and shut off some power-hungry software like cellular network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the GPS of your device. When you do not need any of these, it is advisable to put on your airplane mode.
We all love staying glued to our phones all day long. With the above tips, I hope you all can enjoy a better and lasting battery life

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