[NEWS] Coronavirus: the only resons FG Gave to reopen schools

Boss Mustapha, secretary to the Government of the Federation has explained that the president Muhammadu Buharis led administration's decision to extend the eased lockdown for another two weeks is to try and contain the spread of coronavirus, before the economy is fully reopened .
Mustapha, who doubles as the chairman of the presidential task force on coronavirus, made this known during the daily media briefing yesterday.
The first part of the eased lockdown had expired on monday, May 18. it was then extended by president Muhammadu Buhari by another two weeks untill June 1.
Mustapha asked schools, religious centres, offices and business to use the opportunity to plan how to operate in coronavirus era.
According to Mustapha, the decision to reopen the economy slowly is based on current experiences from different countries and experts advice.
He said "again, i wish to repeat that the decision is not punitive, we share your pains and also share your concerns. however, our future remains in our hands and compliance is one of the keys to opening that future.
"i must also emphasise that the two additional weeks should be utilized by businesses, offices, professional bodies, places of worship, educational institutions, etc awaiting reopening to plan and adopt new strategies under a coronavirus era in line with the guidelines.
"above all, behavioral change is a must for every citizen because coronavirus has changed the world completely".
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